Domed hotel

The incredible hotel in a picturesque place

Unique nature of Altai, clean mountain air and an endless feeling of freedom
Domed hotel «VDOKH»
Our main rule is to pay special attention to the guests, their comfort and bright impressions of the holiday.
The hotel is for those who wish to spend their vacation getting to know Altai through excursions and hikes
For people who independently travel by car in Altai - and can stop along the way
For those who are looking for a creative venue for an important event
For people who love convenience, understand beauty, can appreciate and enjoy design solutions
What is a domed hotel?
The dome hotel is a comfortable housing unit with full hotel service. They are not capital structures and are organically inscribed in natural landscapes. At the domed hotel, guests live in light futuristic spheres in nature.

Each dwelling in the domed hotel is equipped with a shower and toilet room, furnished with the necessary furniture. Also, the guest can order food from the restaurant to his dome room.
Just imagine a vacation in such a picturesque place
Landscapes are not everything. At the hotel we have provided everything you need to make your stay even more pleasant.
8 domes-spheres for our guests
Each dome has its own terrace for relaxation, yoga or a romantic dinner.
Public area with mountain views
Dome and open area with mountain views. This space is suitable for any important event, wedding, birthday or corporate party
Campfire zone
A comfortable place for night gatherings with a guitar around the fire and warm conversations
Cafe food
Cozy cafe with outdoor terrace and barbecue area with stunning views. We are happy to organize a banquet for major events
Do you like active rest?
We will organize an unforgettable program for you in the vast Altai mountains
Rafting on the Katun river
An unforgettable sport rafting on the turbulent Katun river along the amazing landscapes of Altai mountains.
ATV trips
An ocean of drive and adrenaline for the most energetic, curious and fearless people.
Hike to the Emurlinsky waterfall
Hike to the emerald waterfall of unprecedented beauty. The route is extremely beautiful and passes through many other natural beauties of the Altai Mountains.
Excursion along the Chemalsky tract
90 kilometers of real adventure with great scenery and sights. An excursion that both adults and children are delighted with.
Exciting horse rides
Walking in Altai is great, but horseback riding is even better. Exciting horseback riding along mountain trails. Haven't you ridden a horse before? Don't worry, we will teach you how to get on the saddle, control the horse and take care of it
Rest options
Family vacation
An unforgettable time with your family in the amazing atmosphere of Altai mountains. Comfortable rooms will make you feel at home
Vacation with friends
Campfire gatherings, excursions, ATV trips are just a few of the ways you can have fun with your friends
Do you want to spend your birthday in a unique atmosphere? We have everything for this
Weddings or family celebrations
We organize bright celebrations with a magnificent view of the mountains in our domed hotel
Corporate events
Status events for your organization with transfer, chef and waiters
Thematic arrivals
We will be happy to organize your event even for the most unusual arriva
Our domed hotel is located in the village of Anos on the left bank of the Katun. It is 91 km from Gorno-Altaysk and about 23 km from Ust-Sema along the Chemal tract.

On the way, you will need to cross the Katun on the capital bridge, which is located on the 18th kilometer of the tract, and immediately after the bridge, turn left.

Then everything is simple: it remains to drive along the Centralnaya street and find yourself in the most comfortable domed hotel «Vdokh».
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